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As published in Ripley's Believe it or not! As Seen On Television in 18 Countries

Come one, come all, to the retro, twisted, and charming 20 Penny Circus.  In the grand tradition of vaudeville's sketchy back alleys, the 20 Penny Circus specializes in entertainment for those with questionable taste.  A variety show for grown ups, it's full of strange feats, insane illusions, cunning stunts, and your favorite socially-inappropriate clowns.  Acts include sword swallowing, instantaneous teleportation, ritualized mutilation, and others designed to test the limits of the human body, all backed with a soundtrack that is sure to rock faces. 

  Tyler Sutter and Carl Skenes are the 20 Penny Circus, a diabolical contemporary clown duo that performs feats of magic and insane stunts in a fresh modern flair. Performing at some of the largest events and in some of the most prestigious of venues, their show is a high-energy, modern take on vaudeville.  They have been called “charmingly abrasive”,  and “the Boondock Saints of Comedy”. They were a main attraction at Universal Studios Florida's Halloween Horror Nights. They have been headliners for the IMPROV comedy clubs in Florida for the past 4 years. They hosted the headlining, sold-out show "Cirque Du Fringe" at the Rochester Fringe Festival.  Cementing their reputation as "Faces of Fringe", they returned to NY in 2014 as double headliners, writing and hosting “Cirque du Fringe: Mardis Gras!” and a special, and again sell-out, 20 Penny Circus extravaganza. Most recently, they appeared on TV in over 18 countries for Ripley’s Believe it or Not! And are featured in the 2017 addition of the Ripley’s Believe it or not! book. 










June 18th---Private Party-----Orlando, FL
Aug 10th & 11th-- S. Florida Tattoo Convention-----Coral Springs, FL

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